Getting Started with Core Knowledge

Welcome to our step-by-step guide to getting started with Core Knowledge History Reader. Here you will learn how to access the ebooks on any device, set your school’s login information and some best practices for sharing access with your teachers, students and families.

Let’s get your school setup by creating a universal password.

(This password can be shared for easy access from any computer. Many schools choose a mascot, street name, or simple word easy for students to remember. This password is not case sensitive)

Tips for Setting Up School Computers and Tablets:

The access link is used to bookmark the site on individual computers. Copy this link into the search bar in your browser options click bookmark this page.

This link is also a way to give students access through your website. Download the icon below and link. If you have set up IP addresses the link will go directly to the ebook in school buildings, and the password page in student’s homes.

Select Your Language Options

Choose languages to display:


Select a bilingual option

Setting the IP Addresses

You can ensure your students will have easy access inside the school by setting IP addresses. This will automatically open the reader to the books with one click.

IP Address Ranges

for Secure Websites. If your website already requires login, we do offer a single sign-on (SSO) option. Please email us and we will send a url to hyperlink for direct access.

Set Up Your classrooms

Now we get started setting up access to the assessment system. You will need class and teacher information as well as student information to complete these spreadsheets. You can come back at a later time to upload this information or upload the sheets directly in the assessment system. We encourage you to download the sample spreadsheets to get started.

Upload the completed document here:

Set Up Student Access

Here you will add all the students, classroom information, username and password (the password can be the same for all students).

Upload the completed document here:

Resources for sharing with Teachers, Parents, and Students

Do you need help getting the word out to teachers and parents? Here are a few downloadable resources to make that easier.